The South Beach Residence is located at 38 Beach Road and is a mixed development that contains 190 residential units. These units are fit for family sizes ranging from small to big and have two to five bedrooms depending on preference.

Developed by City Development Limited (CDL), this residential development has an incredible architectural design and is also located in the perfect location. Apart from that, it is also located close to a long list of all the amenities one needs for a city-like urban life. Public transportation can also be a mere few minutes from your door, being only a 5 to 10-minute walk away, depending on the type of transport you wish to take.

The development is also built on land with an estimated worth of $1.67 billion. The project itself, once done, will raise its worth to up to $3 billion, which translates just how massive and luxurious the development will be.

If you’re considering living in South Beach Residence, you’ll have an option to choose between the North and South Towers, which are the project’s two residential buildings. The North Tower is 34 stories high, leaving the South tower peeking over it with its 45 stories. The South Tower will house a hotel, while the North Tower is a residential building paired with office spaces. What makes this building even more exciting, is that two of its office tenants already include Facebook and Boeing.

South Beach’s Miraculous Charm

At a 34 or 45-story high room, you bet you’ll get all the views you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.

What makes the scenery even better, is that you can experience it repeatedly, particularly if you’re living in the North Tower permanently. At these heights, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a pretty good view of Singapore itself.

Some of the two residential/ commercial building’s major attractions, apart from its views and locations, includes many amenities and adventurous surrounds. The view from the south-west is especially captivating, as it presents a stunning view of the War Memorial, an important heritage landmark to residents in Singapore. The view is also accompanied by the Central Business District, making this residential development the perfect place for professionals to live.

Suntec city can also be found right opposite of the development, which is exciting for anyone who loves to do shopping and explore the city life. It is paired with countless outlets, which include bars, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, and cinemas to keep you entertained.

To make the South Beach Residence even better, I was also happy to find that the development itself, has its own retail stores and restaurants. This is perfect for those nights when you don’t want to go too far from your home. In fact, you can enjoy the finest of dining right at your doorstep.

With plenty of restaurants, entertainment activities, surrounding nature and views, South Beach Residences has everything you and your family need for the ultimate living experience.